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DID YOU KNOW? Femme Inspiration WorldWide

I often get the question: "what inspires you?" in your designs and apparel.  As far as technology, that is driven by both my husband and I having an undergraduate degree in engineering.  We are always looking for the best possible way to do things, and when it comes to apparel the best possible technology.  I say "best" and not "latest" technology because there are many fads that others may grab on to, that we dismiss, simply because the engineering behind the technology isn't sound, in our belief. 

When it comes to design though, I find I'm most creative while away on holiday.  We all lead very busy lives in modern American society, and as a mother of three small boys (7, 5, 2.5) I get through each day, generally with a smile, but not with much meditation, breathing and reflecting.  When I was recently traveling in Germany for the SMU triathlon championships, I was asked by a German friend, "don't you just need time to by yourself?"  to which I replied - "Not if I have my daily sport!  That keeps me balanced!"

But to be truly inspired and to find my ultimate creativity for design work, I enjoy traveling, taking in sites while cycling, or hiking, or even sitting in a Parisian cafe or in the bustling Gothic district of Barcelona and simply observe people, architecture, society and nature. 

For 2018, our bird of paradise print came directly from the beautiful and amazing mini birds of paradise that literally fill the bahia de banderas region of Mexico.  They are vibrant and greet you each morning and sing at you "relax, it's a beautiful world!"  I was inspired and shot many photos, one of my favorite pastimes as I meander through new places. 

Our color block print for 2018, came directly from the beautiful Italian Amalfi coast. Italians know how to do so many things well - including living life, food, wine and art!  As you drive around on your vespa, just look around and observe and you, too, will find amazing inspiration for not only apparel but how to live your life. 

The plaid print was inspired from all of the beautiful and vintage plaid pieces that we have seen in photos from our parents or others media.  It always looks classic and timeless. 

Finally, the funfetti print came from our amazing graphic designer and I coming up with something that was just plain fun and happy!  Red is always a great color to match with a bike.

We know prints can be quite personal but we hope with the four that we came out with for 2018, you find at least one you love and simply must have!  I continue to look for inspiration to hopefully inspire you to want to get out of bed to train or to dig a little deeper at that race, because you know you can (and your race picture is going to look pretty darn good too!) 

Happy training and be well.  Tracy M. De Soto, CFO, Attorney, Triathlete, Mother

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