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A Tip from Emilio: Get Your Shoes on Faster!

Triathlon is actually 4 events: Swim, Bike, Run, and Transitions!
One way to shave seconds off your time in between bike and run is to shorten the time it takes to put on your run shoes. Either get yourself elastic laces or use cord locks with your current laces. Here is how:
Step 1: Simplify the Lacing - The shoe on my left foot is laced through 6 eyelets. The shoe on my right foot is laced through on 4 eyelets. Doing this opens the shoe wider and easier. Depending on your shoe, you may only need to use 3 eyelets. Practice putting them on quickly and running in them before you decide which eyelets to use.
Step 2: Put on the cord locks - Most people put cordlocks on like the photo on left. I put them on like the photo on the right. You simply put one lace in one side of the cord lock, and the other from the opposite side. This permits you to not have to touch the cord lock in order to tighten them. See video above.
Step 3: Tie knots - make the knots on the lace where you can still put the shoe on quickly, but not so long that you are stepping on them when you run.
Step 4: Cut off the excess laces. - cut them with some room to spare.  Then you can burn the tips so they do not fray.
Now run fast!
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  • This could be good for trail shoes where you want to use a more durable cotton lace. Nice tip!


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