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People chafe for different reasons.  Chafing and skin rashes can result from shaving, not having shaved, salt water, sweat salt deposits on the skin, saliva, urine (yes I wrote that), spilled gel packets, fluid replenishments that have dripped onto the skin or apparel, hair product, even chamois butter being applied to modern-day pads, which have no animal hyde in them.  Some people chafe just from the skin-to-skin rubbing between the thighs, or skin-to-skin rubbing in the armpits, or between the arms and body.  

In order to reduce the chances of chafing caused by clothing I highly recommend always training in all garments you buy before racing in them, starting with short 20-minute workouts, working your way up to longer workouts, eventually the distances you will be racing. One would not ride 100 miles on a new bike, or run a marathon in new shoes, so simulate all distances and conditions before racing.  See the blog:  EMILIO’S FIRST LAW OF TRIATHLON.

As for our products in particular, remember this from our website size charts:

  • The tightest our products ever feel is the first time you put them on.
  • They do loosen up a bit with a number of wearings and washings, and they never shrink.  
  • You want our product to be snug and it is better to be too snug than too loose. 
  • Garments that are worn snug will stay against the skin and not rub you.
  • Chafing and rashing is typically caused by garments that are worn too loose as the fabric will rub against the skin.  

Once you know you are in the correct size, you still may have rubbing so be prepared for that.  In half-Ironman and Ironman races, I always carried a small squeeze tube of coconut or avocado oil in one of my tri short pockets  Consider using waterproof sunscreen, the type that has some sort of natural oil in it.  Body Glide works well for the neck of wetsuits, but not well for clothing.  It tends to make clothing sticky instead of slick.  Never use vaseline or any other petroleum-based products as those will never wash out of the garment, and will cause discoloration and permanent staining.

Comfort allows you to focus on all there other pain you are enjoying!

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