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GreenGoma™ T-Shirt*

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Please Note - EXCHANGES ACCEPTED, BUT NO REFUNDS. These are discontinued models at discounted prices, therefore we will accept exchanges within 3 days of receiving it, for a different sizes or model, based on availability. We permit this if you have only tried the product on for fit, and have not exercised in it.

T1 Wetsuits by De Soto is the first and only triathlon wetsuit brand to use GreenGoma™ Limestone Rubber. So what does this mean to YOU? GreenGoma™ rubber offers better stretch, buoyancy, durability and insulation with a more closed cell injected construction making it 98.9% water impermeable. So it is lighter, dries quicker and lasts longer. The only part of the rubber that gets wet is the new stretch liner that is now made up of recycled post-consumer products.

We now offer this cool Pistachio Green T-shirt.

The front has our original T1 Logo, and the back has our new GreenGoma™ Limestone Rubber Technology logo. Below it states: "The rubber you can use over and over again!" It really is more durable that any other wetsuit rubber, period...that is what we meant by that...really. A bit edgy and not a shirt everyone would wear, but just like GreenGoma™ rubber, we like pushing the limits.

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Size Note: This is a 100% Cotton T-shirt unisex sizing. If you have only owned our black T-Logo or T-World shirts, this one runs a bit larger and looser-fitting. It is the same fit as the following previous T-shirts: Podium Logo T-shirt, Triathlete-Inside T-shirt, Nothing Run's like a Triathlete T-Shirt, Chemical Romance T-Shirt.



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