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Slowtwitch - the Dan Empfield Collection

These are products we have created for members of Slowtwitch community.  They will be ready in time for those who will be going to Kona this October.  More importantly they are available to everybody.  

These designs were inspired by certain things Founder, and friend, Dan Empfield said he liked:  "I like a lot of white.  White fabric throughout.  But that’s just me.  Yes, I like blue, but my favorite would be white fabric, with different blues.  Also white shorts, preferably tri bibs, with black inner thigh panels. I’d like understated, muted, branding, other than the De Soto logo which should remain high contrast.  I’m not one of those guys who feels my logo is so precious it can’t be adulterated for a good purpose.  But, again, that’s just me."

So we gave Dan what he wanted, we adulterated his logo, created this beautiful collection, and now we are offering it to you!

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