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Arm Coolers/Warmers  - Custom

MSRP:  $44.00

Quantity Price/piece
2 - 5
6 - 11
12 - 24
25-74 $35.20
75-143 $30.80
144-288 $26.40

Custom match your arm coolers to your jersey and shorts!

Panels available for print - All
Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Sizing: Please refer to the size chart button above for for sizing guidance. 
Fit Type: Form-Fitted

Features and Benefits:

  • CoolersSkin Cooler 90™ Mesh  fabric stretches with you, is soft next-to-skin and breathable 
  • Warmers - elastane/poly blend is silky soft, and will help keep the chill off your arms 
  • Gripper elastic on upper arms to keep them in place
  • 2hrs of design time is included in qty pricing
  • We are often imitated.  Remember just because it is white, it does not mean the fabric will cool you.  READ ON!
INSTRUCTIONS:  It is best to put the entire sleeve onto your wrist, then slowly “push" the sleeve up rather than pulling it up, then once above the elbow, gently pull up to the bicep. When removing it, “push” then sleeve down using the thumb and fingers around the bicep opening.

    Want a quick and easy way to put these on?  Click on this Tip from Emilio!

    What makes ours different?  Our Skin Cooler fiber is designed to feel and  perform like silk (from a silk worm).  Through Biomimicry, we created a synthetic silk.  It will keep you cool in hot weather and cooler when it is wet.  Put it on and you will instantly feel the cool sensation.  Wet it and you will notice a drop in the surface temperature of the skin between 7 and 10 degrees.

    Product Code: AC-C

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