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If We Build It, Will You Come?

by: Tracy M De Soto, Mother, CFO, Attorney, Triathlete

I hope you're not getting sick of my preaching about providing clothing for women of all sizes!  It is truly a passion of mine and I'd like to figure out how to do it in an efficient and cost-effective manner, especially given that I'm the CFO.  Here's the dilemma: we used to receive requests from our retailers that we should carry larger sizes. I would reply to that request with "Great!  How many do you want?" to which most would reply, "Uhm....well, I'm not sure.  Maybe 1 or 2."  Well, after realizing it was a passion of mine to fit and make all women comfortable, we decided to offer a Women's Carrera Tri Short in XXL a few years ago now.  To be honest, it hasn't sold that well.  The women who have bought it often buy it in multiples and love it.  Yet...our numbers honestly don't justify keeping it.  But we do...due to my passion! 

Next, these women said - hey - can you offer it is all the colors instead of only solid black.  Well, I completely agree, that is unfair!  In 2013, I offered all of our tops in ALL sizes - so that means 5 colors in size XL.  We barely sold any.  Equality didn't seem to work well for our bottom dollar.  So this time (much to the delight of my husband, the CEO) I decided to take pre-orders of the items and then if we had a small number of pre-orders we would make the kit in the color of choice.  Again....we couldn't get these orders - even with the help of my Femmebassadors!  They, too, were baffled. 

Once again, we now offer the Women's 400 mile Bike Short in XXL.  Why?  Because I want to fit and make all women comfortable.  So women who wear XXL, please buy it!  And guess what?  I'll keep going.  I will make for you what you and your friends want because I want every single woman to be comfortable while she runs, bikes or heads to the gym!  As if working out isn't hard enough, how about doing it in uncomfortable or unbreathable clothing?  Barf! 

Let's work together, women!  Tell your friends, your workout partners, your mother, your daughter - anyone who is looking for larger sized workout clothing.  Let's get it going! 

Since I'm building it, please come! 

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